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Tips to Keep Parks — and Yourself — Safe
Big names don't generally set a genuine model for how to act on open terrains — yet you can. These tips are reasonable and simple to follow, and they'll assist you with being a decent park steward while keeping away from shame via web-based media.A young man securely partakes in the view at Death Valley National 안전공원. 1. Try not to take stuff. That is self-evident, correct? Parks are home to old craftsmanship, noteworthy antiquities, uncommon plants and numerous different fortunes we realize it would be inappropriate to take. In any case, guests don't generally understand that this standard applies to everything in a public park, including twigs and stones and different things we don't consider as having material worth. These apparently little items are important for a lot bigger biological systems that support and asylum a scope of critters. They need it all more than you do. Besides, it's simply misfortune. 2. Try not to leave stuff. The work of art "pack it in, pack it out" mantra applies to every public park. Most locales give receptacles, so you don't need to convey your garbage exceptionally far. Also litter isn't only appalling to experience on the path — it can turn into a significant issue for untamed life, particularly food squander. Numerous species will become desensitized to people on the off chance that they become acquainted with finding half-eaten sandwiches and confections in populated regions. At the point when bears, coyotes and different creatures consider individuals to be food sources, it can make natural life become not so much apprehensive but rather more prone to move toward people, causing possibly perilous circumstances. #{image.caption} A dad and child follow the path at Death Valley National Park. © Nicole Yin. 3. Remain on the path. Parks are made for investigating, however a few spots are excessively fragile or hazardous to withstand crowds of individuals. Guests going off-trail can unwittingly stomp on plants, alarm or stress untamed life, or upset social antiques. Climbing trees can hurt delicate species. Also there are many spots where individuals can fall, suffocate or absolutely get lost. It's not worth facing the challenge when such countless path are explicitly stamped and kept up with to assist individuals with getting a charge out of what is exceptional at a given park. 4. Be aware of where you bring your canine. Canines are the absolute best climbing buddies, and numerous public parks have canine agreeable path — yet not every one of them. Canines can bother natural life and upset plants, so park staff consider cautiously which regions are alright for them to utilize. In case you intend to carry a canine to a recreation center, consistently check ahead of time to ensure there are proper choices. Canines should be on a rope no longer than six feet, so make certain to pack one, and obviously, to get any pet waste as you go.

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